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High shrink rate of PA/PE and PA/EVOH/PE shrink bag

2019-05-10        source:

PA/PE shrink bag 

It contains:  PA, TIE, PE, has good barrier capability. It can be widely used for frozen beef, frozen pork, frozen fish and deep breathing cheese (high CO2 permeance) and low temperature cooked meats products.

Fresh meats frozen tempercture : under -18

Cooked meats temperature: 0-4℃ or room temperature.

PA/EVOH/PE shrink bag

It contains: PA, EVOH ,PE material , has the high barrier performance . It can be widely used for fresh beef, fresh pork, fresh mutton, fresh fish and fresh see foods, also the fresh cheese products.

Stock temperature: 0℃~4℃ ; or cooked meats in room temperature.