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High barrier cling film

2019-05-10        source:

AZHBC High barrier special cling wrap film

product presentation

AZHBC10  It is the PE/PVDC/PE co-extrusion special thinnest cling wrap. .

It has the high barrier performance to oxygen, a mass of gas , water vapor ,moisture and smells , don`t change or less the high barrier performance as the environmental conditions (for example the humidness, temperature , Acid, alkali degree, and general organic solvent etc…)

·           Because the co-extrusion technology, the film has the higher physical and mechanical properties and very good self-adhesive, it is the best film to barrier the Smell crossing in the refrigerator.


It is a kind of packaging material with the best comprehensive barrier performance in plastic packaging in the world, it is the best assistant special for supermarket to pack meats , cheese and family refrigerator !

The particular advantages are as follows

1)  Best barrier performance;

2)  Best self-adhesive;

3)  Best transparent degree;

4)  Higher elongation at break.