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Smoking plastic sausage casing

2019-05-10        source:

AZSC13 Can Smoking Plastic Sausage casing

to replace Collagen casing and Cellulose casing

AZSC13  It is can smoking plastic color casing special PA material。

It can replace Collagen casing and Cellulose casing.




30mm to 120mm

Length (roll)

500 meter to 1000 meter

Length (shirred)

40 meter/stick

Smoking time

35 minutes to 60 minutes

Smoking temperature

135 to 160

Water loss rate of inclusion

0.1% to 0.2%

Shelf life (not use another package)

15 days

Shelf life (added standard barrier vacuum pouch package)

120 days

Shelf life (added high barrier vacuum pouch package)

180 days